“J.F. Kennedy” is a Technical-Industrial High School Institute for 14-19 year-old students specialising in the branches of:

It has had an active part in the training of Technical Experts in our territory since 1958, and it has been considered a centre for excellence since then.

“J.F. Kennedy Institute” is located in Pordenone, a small town of 60,000 inhabitants in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, a highly industrialized area of the North-East of Italy where advanced competences are required by the local manufacturing industry. The school mission is to promote an advanced technical awareness applied to innovative research in our syllabus.

The students attend 30 hours of lessons weekly and during the last 3 years lessons are integrated with further periods of working experiences in local industries. Moreover the school supplies gifted students with extra opportunities for international stages to create cross-national experiences.   At the end of the 5th year of the school curriculum the students complete their training in a technical and scientific context, acquiring the necessary competences in the specific branches of specialization, gaining a strong connection with the working context as well as the possibility to continue their education at the University.

“J.F.Kennedy Institute” has currently got 66 classes with a population of 1516 students, 200 of them graduating each year. There are 156 teachers and 58 members of staff.

The Institute is equipped with a broad band Internet connection and covers an area of 18,500 square metres, with up-to-date facilities which include various workshops and laboratories, together with specially equipped classrooms, according to the different branches of study, such as Automation Systems Laboratories, Computer and Systems Laboratories (with more than 260 PCs), Electronics Laboratories, Machine Tools Workshops, Mechanical Technology and Plastic Materials Laboratories, Chemistry and Technology Laboratories etc. Our facilities also include a 200—seat theatre, 1500 sq metre gymnasium, outdoor sports and recreational areas.