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Some students of our school had the opportunity to meet some American teenagers to improve their English in a funny, different way; so this is our experience.

On the 30th March, we went to Aviano and met them in their school. When we arrived there, after a short presentation and the Principal’s greetings, we started attending our partner’s normal lessons.

So we spent the morning doing classes such as Physics, Maths, English and other like those. It was really interesting to see how they work; we noticed many things that are completely different from an Italian school. For example there is one classroom for each subject and the teachers stay there while the students move around. There are also lockers on the hallways, so it was like being in an American TV series, amazing!

At lunch time we ate together at the cafeteria, where we could try food that is typical of American schools. After the break we did the lesson called “Seminary” which is a period that the students can use to do their homework. Then we went around the school and at the end we met for the goodbye and came back to school.

Alessia Lendaro e Clara Zorzetto  1 F